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Global Frackdown:
An International Day to Stop Fracking

October 11, 2014

Mission Statement:  Fracking for oil and gas is inherently unsafe and the harms of this industry cannot be fully mitigated by regulation. We reject the multi-million dollar public relations campaign by big oil and gas companies and urge our local, state, and national officials to reject fracking. We stand united as a global movement in calling on governmental officials at all levels to pursue a renewable energy future and not allow fracking or any of the associated infrastructure in our communities or any communities. We are communities fighting fracking, frac sand mining, pipelines, compressor stations, LNG terminals, exports of natural gas, coal seam gas, coal bed methane and more. Fracking is not part of our vision for a clean energy future and should be banned.

What will organizations get out of participating?

  • An opportunity to increase media attention locally by tying local events to the global day of action
  • The chance to create a powerful counter-narrative to the industry PR push though coordinated, unified actions across the world
  • Sample materials to use for the day of action, including media advisory template, event page to track registrations, and template editable flyers
  • An opportunity to build your organization by being part of a growing, powerful, meaningful and winning movement
  • Your event featured on the Global Frackdown website and link to your organization and event

What types of events should we do?

Events should be fun, creative, and locally relevant. The idea is to use a global day of action to amplify what is happening and needed locally. Some ideas include:

  • Protests outside elected officials’ office
  • Street theater outside oil or gas company headquarters
  • Film screening of Gasland or Spilt Estate
  • Petition gathering action
  • Work in community to generate phone calls to key decision makers
  • Visibility event at key intersection with signs
  • Assemblies / pot luck about fracking with community members

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